Am I Eligible For Child Or Spousal Support?

spousal supportQuestion:

Do I have any right to child support or spousal support if my wife makes considerably more than me?


I do not practice law in your, therefore, I cannot inform you as to the specific laws of your state, but I can provide you with general tips in divorce.

In Pennsylvania, where I am licensed to practice, in order to establish a support order, you would need to file for support. If you are the lower wage earner then more than likely you should be receiving spousal support from your wife if a complaint in divorce has not been filed yet.

Now, there are defenses to spousal support. If your wife is trying to claim a defense, you should consult with counsel about filing a complaint in divorce to inquire as to whether the filing of the complaint will terminate the defense.

In Pennsylvania, once a complaint in divorce is filed, all defenses are terminated. Please keep in mind that there are several other topics that can affect support as well, such as, whether or not there are children and who has custody of them, health insurance costs, monthly mortgage payments, union dues, mandatory retirement, etc.

With regard to the possible amount of spousal support/APL you could receive, you would need to meet with counsel to discuss the specifics of your case so a calculation could be run to determine an estimated monthly amount.

Remember, I am unable to provide you with anything more than divorce tips for men, so please consult a domestic litigation attorney in your area to obtain specific advice as to the laws in Pennsylvania and how they impact your case.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss your rights for men with a Cordell & Cordell attorney, contact Cordell & Cordell.

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