Embracing Freedom: Reinvent Yourself After Divorce

post-divorceDivorce has a lot of negative connotations. Heartbreak, emotional turmoil, financial uncertainty, etc.

While the process isn’t necessarily pleasant, it is important to keep in mind that for many guys divorce is actually a good thing.

Your marriage has probably been on the fritz for some time, and now you can finally put all of that behind you. No more arguing and bickering. No more wondering whether or not you guys can work things out.

You’re divorced. You’re free. And you’re starting the next chapter of your life. That’s exciting!

The period immediately following a divorce can be an opportune time to reinvent yourself and take advantage of this new freedom by checking off some items on your post-divorce bucket list.

Update your wardrobe

One great way to give yourself a confidence boost after divorce is by investing in some new threads.

Maybe shopping for clothes is not exactly up your alley and was always more your wife’s domain, but there are some simple purchases you can make that can help you stand out in a crowd.

Another option is to purchase a monthly clothing subscription. By paying a monthly fee, usually between $60-$75, you receive a couple articles of clothing that are tailored to your own personal style.

Get back in the dating game

Although it is wise to avoid rebound relationships immediately after divorce, there will eventually come a time when you can get back into the dating scene.

This can be a little intimidating for a lot of guys who probably haven’t dated in years, but with somewhere between 40 and 50 percent of people divorcing there are millions in the same boat as you.

You might give some online dating sites a try, or go the old-fashioned way and ask your friends to set you up with someone.

Whatever you do, have some confidence and trust that there is someone out there for you.

Reconnect with your crew

When you’re married, you understandably spend the majority of time with your wife and kids. Unfortunately, that causes a lot of guys to drift away from their friends.

Now that you’re divorced, you should have time to hit up your old buddies and get back in touch.

Call up that college roommate you haven’t seen in forever, relive your old memories, and maybe make a few new ones.

Take a vacation

Although it is critical to budget responsibly after divorce, if you have some extra disposable income it can be refreshing to take a vacation.

You’ve likely spent the last few months working through the details of your divorce, and that’s after all the stress that led you to divorce in the first place. Take a week and head somewhere to recharge your batteries.

Again, the beauty here is in the freedom you have to do what you want. Head to Cooperstown to finally check out the Baseball Hall of Fame if that’s what you’re into. Or sip a couple margaritas on the beach. It’s totally your call.

Fix up your man cave

Maybe your spouse had very particular tastes in decorating, or maybe they were messy and always had junk cluttering the place up.

You don’t have to worry about that now. Your house or apartment is yours and you can add your own personal touch to the decorating.

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