Financial Advice On Divorce: Is Salary A Joint Asset?

Question:Kevin Mammola Atlanta Divorce Attorney

I’m looking for financial advice on divorce in terms of how assets will be divided in a divorce.

Is one’s salary considered a joint asset after the date of separation but before the final divorce?

Also, what about stock awards which vest after the separation date? How are stocks divided?


I am only licensed to practice law in Georgia, thus I can only provide you with some general divorce help for men regarding the child support laws you present in your question.

A person’s income isn’t considered an asset because it’s not subject to division. The income will have an effect on payment of child support and alimony.

The court will generally review the parties’ incomes at the time of the final hearing. If a person’s income fluctuates from year to year, then the court may look to the party’s last three years of earnings as a basis for their income.

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Regarding stocks, typically it does not matter when the stocks vest. The court can divide all property accumulated during the marriage up until the date of the final hearing.

The court can look into the factors surrounding the parties’ separation when considering how to equitably divided the property. However, as a rule, marital property can accumulate up until the final hearing.

Again, I am unable to provide you with legal advice on divorce and this should not be construed as an attorney-client relationship. Consult with a local mens divorce attorney for specific divorce advice about divorce laws in your jurisdiction.

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