Gaining access to personal property post-divorce

Question:mens divorce lawyer

I am looking for advice on my divorce.

My ex-wife refuses to let me in her house and storage unit to get my property.

How can I get access to my personal property?


First, I would recommend that you contact a local attorney to advise and represent you in the complicated intricacies of your legal situation, as I can only provide you with general information.

As court records are public, you may go to the district court where your case was filed and make copies of all of the documents filed with the court. You should review the Decree of Dissolution to determine if the decree awarded you any property that you have not been allowed to access.

If the decree awarded you property that your ex-wife will not give you, you may file a contempt citation for her violation of the court order. Again, this can be complicated and depends upon the language of the decree, so it is best to seek the advice of an attorney that focuses in domestic law.

If the decree did not award you any property, you may be able to petition the court to re-distribute the property division. If the decree is unclear as to the division of property, you may file a Motion to Clarify to see if you may be awarded your property that way.

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