Grammy winner Marty Raybon talks divorce, new single “Daddy Phone”

Grammy-winning country music artist Marty Raybon has a new single out called “Daddy Phone,” a song detailing the emotions behind the post-divorce separation of a child from his father.

“This song lets the child know that dad’s persistence to making sure we have a life together is not going to be forfeited because we’re miles apart,” Raybon told in an interview.

David Mastran, co-writer of “Daddy Phone,” said the song’s inspiration came from a family member who keeps in touch with his son, who lives in another country with his mother, via his cell phone or “daddy phone.” (Click here to listen to the song.)

“When I heard this song for the first time I did relate to it because I came from a divorced family and I desperately loved both my mom and dad,” he said.

Raybon was 6 years old when his parents divorced and he would spend summers and weekends with his dad who lived two hours away from their Jacksonville, Fla., home. His dad was a fiddle player, and Raybon and his brothers eventually formed a bluegrass band with their father. Playing gigs and his parents’ cordial conduct toward each other allowed him and his brothers to see their dad on weekends during the school year, Raybon said.

“How many dads can’t talk to their kids because the children are used as leverage in a divorce? Things like the kids won’t be allowed to see their dad or call their dad. Stuff like that continues to drive a wedge and before it’s all over with, it’s the kids that lose,” he said.

Raybon stresses that fathers need to do everything in their power to not miss spending any time they can with their kids.

“Your world’s not over. It’s a different chapter; you just have to read it differently than you wanted to,” he said. “You’re not a loser, not a failure. You’re only a failure when you quit. As long as you have the willingness to love your kids and get through the rough patches and rough times, you’ll make it.”


About Marty Raybon

Founder and former lead singer of the Gold-certified group Shenandoah, Marty Raybon offers a full spectrum of vocal entertainment. His talents are unsurpassable, whether he’s singing country, gospel or bluegrass. He led Shenandoah to 22 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including 13 No. 1 singles, such as: “The Church on Cumberland Road” (1989), “Sunday in the South” (1989), “Two Dozen Roses” (1989), “Next to You, Next to Me” (1990) and “Butterfly Kisses” (1997), to name a few.

Recently, Marty has signed with Nashville-based label GrandVista Music and his new CD, At His Best, is due in Spring 2010 with his first single and video “Daddy Phone” available now.

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