The Impact Of Separation On Divorce Cost

Divorce cost Question:

How much does divorce cost after you have been separated for more than two years?


I am not licensed to practice law in your state and therefore cannot provide you with specific advice regarding laws or procedures in your state.

However, I can generally say that it is nearly impossible to estimate what any divorce will cost. There are a multitude of factors that determine the total cost of a divorce, all dependent on your specific facts and circumstances. Every divorce is different and it is difficult to estimate a total cost because most of what occurs during a divorce is impossible to predict.

Indiana divorce lawyer Kyli Willis
Indiana divorce lawyer Kyli Willis

Typically, the amount of time you have been separated will have no bearing on the overall cost.

However, in cases where you have already sufficiently separated all your property or worked out satisfactory arrangements for your children and only need to make those arrangements legal, your divorce would likely cost less than it would if there were many outstanding factors to address.

Although it is unlikely an attorney will ever quote you a total cost, you should consider consulting with one to discuss your specific circumstances and get a better idea of what would be involved in your divorce.

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    We had everything figured out after 1.5 years of separation. Then her lawyer got involved and started causing issues. We are now over 2 years in a custody battle. Get things done as quick as you can. It might seem like letting the pain fade is better, but the longer you wait the more issues that can be added to the mix as well.

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