Is My Divorce Decree Valid?

St. Louis divorce lawyerQuestion:

Is my divorce decree valid if it has handwritten notes all over it? I received what I was told was the final divorce papers, but almost nothing of what my ex-wife and I agreed to are in the settlement.

Instead there are sections crossed out and my ex-wife’s handwritten notes addressing issues such as alimony, child support, and child custody.

I need some legal advice on whether this is a valid divorce decree.


I am unable to give you legal advice on divorce. I can only give general divorce help for men, though, my knowledge is based on Missouri divorce laws where I am temporarily permitted to practice.

As for what you have stated, I would recommend that you speak with an attorney immediately who can review your documents to see what your wife specifically did to them and to advise you accordingly.  Quite possibly, the documents are unenforceable since they may have been fraudulently altered and executed by your ex.

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However, only an attorney can advise you as to what your next steps are moving forward in this regard, and also, whether your divorce documents are valid and enforceable in light of what your wife may have done to them.

Remember, I am unable to provide you with anything more than divorce tips for men.

To arrange an initial consultation to discuss divorce rights for men with a Cordell & Cordell attorney, including Jennifer de Lyon Stralka, a St. Louis divorce lawyer, contact Cordell & Cordell Law Firm.

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