Joseph Cordell’s latest column on Alimony

In his latest column on, founder Joseph Cordell writes advice on divorce regarding how having an affair can affect alimony payments even in “no-fault” divorce states.

There often is a misconception that no-fault divorce means fault is irrelevant. But as Cordell points out in the advice on divorce article (click here to read), marital misconduct is very much a factor when it comes to awarding alimony (or maintenance).

“One thing to keep in mind: Past conduct has long been recognized as a factor in the determination of spousal support,” writes Cordell, who is the principal partner of Cordell & Cordell, the nation’s largest firm focusing on men’s divorce. “An attorney representing the spouse seeking support would identify the marital misconduct in the marriage and argue how it affected the spouse’s finances and lifestyle. Attorneys will investigate each way fault is linked to money or property.”

Cordell will be writing bi-weekly advice on divorce columns for, the world’s leading men’s lifestyle website with 7 million readers each month.

Click here to read his first column on how infidelity can affect child custody decisions.


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