Keeping Your Employer From Sending Health Insurance Information To Your Ex-Wife

divorce lawyer Daniel LambertQuestion:

My children were recently ordered by the court to be placed on my health insurance provided to me through my employer.

I do not want my employer sending any information about my policies directly to my ex-wife. I’m fine with forwarding her only the necessary information.

How do I ensure my company does not send her any information?


I can only provide general divorce tips for men and recommend that you consult with a mens divorce attorney licensed in your state concerning your divorce case.

Where I practice, the handling of insurance following the divorce will be governed by the Judgment of Divorce with additional guidance form the Marital Settlement Agreement if the parties came to an agreement on the handling of the insurance.

If there is a change in the insurance options following the divorce the parties may motion the court to conduct a hearing on the handling of the matter. If the parties agree on the handling of insurance following the change in circumstance, they can enter a stipulation agreement directly with the court and usually avoid a hearing.

I cannot advise what your jurisdiction or judgment requires for disclosure of the health insurance. Generally all that is necessary is to provide copies of the insurance cards and to provide the other party with the invoices of any expenses for which they are seeking reimbursement.

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If you do not want the employer communicating with your ex-spouse, then you should merely convey your desire to your employer. So long as the letter of the Judgment is met and the opposing party receives the necessary documents there should be no issue on how those documents are conveyed.

It may be of benefit to refer back to the provisions of your judgment and to confer with your employer on what delivery options are currently available. I further recommend consulting with any attorney in your jurisdiction to review your Divorce Judgment and local rules to provide you with options that are currently available to you.

I recommend that you consult with a mens divorce attorney licensed in your state to review your documents and provide recommendations on moving forward.

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