Life After Her: Online Dating

By Contel Bradford

Note: This is Part 1 of two-part series on tips for online dating after divorce. Click here to read Part 2.

Many divorced dads are hesitant about jumping back into the dating scene.  After all, most of them, especially those with full custody, are more concerned with caring for their children, making a living and simply putting the past behind them.

As we all know, there often comes a time when the desire for companionship arises and a man feels the need to at least test the waters.

If a blind date hookup doesn’t sound appealing and prowling the club scene is out of the question, online dating could be the alternative that enables you to find the soul mate you thought you snagged the first time around.


Web-Based Romance

The online dating industry has exploded in recent years, catering to the masses with matchmaking services geared towards singles, seniors, professionals and more unique demographics.  The divorced dad is not forgotten and due to the sheer convenience factor, single men are increasingly signing up to announce their availability with the hopes of finding a match out in cyberspace.  Dating can be hard enough following a grueling divorce as you must consider the emotion your kids are dealing with, in addition to whether you have the time or even the desire to get back on the field.  The ambiguity of the Internet just adds a new level of complexity to the equation.

The Internet can open the door to some scary places, but there is nothing wrong with searching for companionship through your DSL or broadband connection.  As long as you know how to approach the environment, you could be well on your way to a successful Internet courting experience.


Make Sure You’re Ready

The mere nature of the online dating world puts a countless number of potential candidates right at your fingertips.  While you may be tempted to dive right in, you might want to hold off on arranging immediate dates.  Reemerging on the scene often works best when easing back into the mix and the online realm is no different.  You need to make yourself aware that many women are attracted to both successful guys and genuinely good men with strong family values.  So if you are financially endowed or simply a great “catch,” you could find yourself garnering a lot of attention from interested ladies, many of which might not be your cup of tea.  Before paying the registration fee and creating a profile, remember that the nothing is certain in the Internet world, and make sure you’re truly ready to start pursuing new relationships.


Keep it Honest and Straightforward

You can better assure yourself positive results by taking an honest and straightforward approach to the online dating pool.  These sites make the promise of helping people find the ideal mate based on the criteria of their choosing.  Put them to the test by optimizing your profile to reveal exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish.  Let it be known that you are looking for a non-smoker.  Don’t hesitate to broadcast the fact that you aren’t ready to be involved in a serious relationship.  Let women know you have children and clear that crucial crossroad right from the jump.  Take advantage of your profile to explain what you want others to know about you and what you’re looking for in a potential mate.

Note: This is Part 1 of two-part series on tips for online dating after divorce. Click here to read Part 2.


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