Men Wanted for Documentary on Divorce is currently creating a new show/documentary titled “My Divorce.” divorce documentary

We are looking for guys with finalized divorces who would be willing to talk about their internal journey on camera. Our focus is to help other guys understand that they are not alone when it comes to the emotional and mental struggles men face during divorce.

We want to end the show with a positive note, learning what each guy “won” or learned from the experience.

“My Divorce” will not be a forum to speak negatively about ex’s or give specific details of issues.  We will focus only on the internal journey of each guy.

There will be four segments to each show, each should last about 5 to 10 minutes total. Each segment covers a different time frame in the journey, from start to finish.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in participating in this documentary, please e-mail Paul McMahon.


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3 comments on “Men Wanted for Documentary on Divorce

    Divorce Documentary
    I would like to volunteer for this documentary if a spot is still available. My divorce was a nasty one, one sided, and finalized on her birthday ( March 13, 2009 ) My email address is Thank you for all the information and support through this web site I wish all men who are going through this life changing event, focus, determination, and perserverence. It can be a long battle, never give up hope especially if children are involved.

    Foundation for Male Studies
    All around very helpful!
    I wrote many papers, and produced many conferences as a response to my experience in divorce.
    Ultimately, I realized that the problem was larger than divorce and created the Foundation for Male Studies.
    I am scheduled for an interview with Matt Allen on March 7th but hope our professional association can be much larger.

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