Modifying Child Support When Ex-Wife Is Unemployed

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My current child support agreement has me paying 75% of our children’s expenses.

Now that my ex-wife is unemployed, she wants to file for a child support modification so I am responsible for all child support expenses.

Will the courts impute income to her or can child support simply be modified any time she petitions the court for a modification?


While I am not licensed to practice in your jurisdiction, I can provide you with some general divorce help for men regarding your child support question.

A court may modify child support upon a showing of substantial and continuing change in circumstances. For child support purposes, this requires at least a 10% change in the amount of support due per month, at least in the state I practice.

Based upon the information you have provided, the income imputed to your wife will depend on whether or not she quit her job or was fired. The court will want to know whether she voluntarily left her unemployment or was laid off.

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If she quit her job and is trying to avoid payment of child support, the court may still impute her full income to her as she may be voluntarily underemployed. Likewise, the court will also consider such factors as to her potential earning capacity and job history.

Also, if your wife remains unemployed for only a short period of time, this may not qualify as a “substantial and continuing” change in circumstances.

Again, I am unable to provide you with legal advice on divorce and this should not be construed as an attorney-client relationship. Consult with a mens divorce attorney for financial advice on divorce and any further child support questions.

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2 comments on “Modifying Child Support When Ex-Wife Is Unemployed

    If the mother of my child is soon to be unemployed (she voluntarily is going to quit her job) does that mean I’m Goin to pay more? I already pay almost $200 and I’m struggling to pay that.

    My husbands ex-wife is voluntarly quitig her job. She is planning on modifying the child support petition. Can she get more child support if she voluntarily quits her job?

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