Why Am I Paying Child Support After My Child Was Adopted?

baltimore divorce lawyerQuestion:

I was paying child support for a child I never met up until the time he was legally adopted by the child’s mother’s new husband.

At that point, I stopped paying child support believing my obligation ended once the child was adopted.

However, I received a letter saying I owe back child support during the time that my child was adopted.

Doesn’t child support terminate once your child is adopted?


I am unable to give you legal advice on divorce. I can give general divorce help for men, though, my knowledge is based on Maryland divorce and child support laws where I am licensed to practice.

Generally child support ends when the child reaches the age of majority or some other emancipating event occurs. The obligation to provide support to a child would also end if the child was adopted by another party.

You should not have to pay support after that time. However, if you were in arrears (meaning that you owed back child support for the time that you were responsible for support) that money would still be due.

It is also possible that the state agency that provides for the collection and monitoring of support did not receive the proper notification that the child had been adopted, severing your support obligation.

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You need to contact the state agency that deals with child support matters. Have them provide you with documentation that the support obligation has ceased and that you have paid all obligations. You may have to provide them with proof of the adoption.

If they do not have accurate information, you can typically request an audit of your account to see specifically what has been going on with regard to payment and/or arrears. Once you have that sorted out, you need to contact the state and provide them with confirmation that there is no amount owed.

I would caution you that dealing with both the child support agency and the state can be difficult. You will have to be stubborn. If you cannot get satisfactory explanations you may wish to hire a child support attorney familiar with the system to make sure the matter is dealt with.

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9 comments on “Why Am I Paying Child Support After My Child Was Adopted?

    My son was adopted by his paternal aunt and uncle when he was 2 years old. I was required to pay 2 years of back child support accrued prior to his adoption (which I did indeed pay) The state of florida stopped charging me child support after the back child support was paid up until 2015 when I got hit with a court order demanding me to pay child support and back child support for the last 15 years. The aunt had used the order prior to his adoption in order to demand child support from me. Recently his adopted mother (his aunt) died and now his adopted father has issued a patition to change the payee to himself and states in the patition that not only did they IN FACT adopt my son but they changed his name during the adoption. I have been forced to pay child support on my son, under his birth name, every since they filed using the order prior to the adoption. From what I know of adoption laws this is not legal…is this a considered a case of fraud?

    If my child was removed from mother by cps in California. In 1988 and my parents rights was taking from me. And I never seen my child .do I have to pay back child support when while child was in mothers care support was never odder.

    My children were adopted in 2010 I went to court and wanted that money back the judge said that money has been dispersed and the mother I was paying support to had lost her card in 2007 as she states anyways I owe no arrears.anyways the judge stopped my support so that’s a good thing anyways I want that money back isn’t that embezzlement or fraud. I want that money back that’s like stealing what can I do.

    Hi my name is shae I’m from Florida I am married for the second time to witch I took on four more children..I’ve never had to deal with the ex wife because she lost the children to dcf in 2003 at witch time the children were 3 mths (twins) 15 mths (girl) 3 ( oldest boy)..she had filed child support on my now husband while they were still together ..he was not aware of this..he signed adoption papers to his children to there aunt a couple of yrs ago so when we went to court on back child support on the aunts order she had the arrears dismissed and child support..we recently got a letter thru the male saying we had to be in court in another county on child support from the ex wife for arrears ..isn’t this illegal

    My name is Jesse I payed child support for 18 years and never got to see my kid she was addopted when she was 7 years old and the state of California never said a word about it

    I have three children that has been adopted and I am paying child support for them I stay in Atlanta,Ga in Fulton county so how do I know how I paid and who its going to?and who should I contact?

    I have a question. If my ex boyfriend (we were never married) who lives in the state of Texas owes back child support for our 9 year old, will I stop receiving child support after his new stepfather, my now husband leagally adopts him. Justin, the bio father lost all parental rights years ago, my son has had his last name changed. We want noting to do with him. Justin the bio father feels that since my son is going to be legally adopted by my husband soon that he shouldn’t have to pay. Just curious. I don’t know if its tricky. We have always lived in Oklahoma and the bio father is in Texas. He receives a social security, disability check of some sort from the gov. His back child support is already taken out of that check before he receives it. So im thinking he may have to take this up with whomever is handling the check he receives. Do you have any feedback. It would be greatly apprecieated. Thank you.

    Crystal Redd

    Hi was wanting to ask about my deal here in Tennessee my 13 year old child has told me along with the mother that she will not see me and or talk to me any more if I dont leave my wife and her kids this has been 7 months know and they also said that of I would not do this they would push for her step father to adapt her I can not get a hold of them on the phone and I know if I go too the house she would call the law even the school she attends said that they would call the police if I showed up there and be for its asked not my wife has not done anything to her and when she was coming down we had that time to us I guess if this is what they want do I have to pay the child support if they push thanks

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