Parental Peace: The Real Christmas Gift for Kids

christmas parenting divorceBy Gary Direnfeld

Social Worker

Even though parents argue as to the best residential schedule, choice of school, faith, holiday time, Christmas and extra-curricular activities, these issues are simply not as predictive for the outcome of children of separated parents as conflict alone.

More to the point, the greater the parental conflict, the greater the risk for the child having a poor developmental trajectory.

Children who are subject to ongoing parental hostilities are more apt to have school-related problems, social difficulties, early onset sexual behavior, a greater likelihood of drug/alcohol related problems, school failure, vocational difficulties, and then issues in their adult intimate relationships.

The parents of these children are at risk of having problematic relationship with their children not only as youngsters but when their children are adults, too.

For Christmas, at least this year, give your child the gift of peace.

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