Paternity Survey Reveals More Guys Asking ‘Am I The Father?’

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Men questioning paternity has become a widespread issue that leaves many guys confused about the complex paternity law process, according to a recent survey.

In a survey conducted by Identigene DNA Paternity Test, more than 10 percent of adults have been in a situation where they found out the presumed father of a child is not the dad after all.

Another 1 in 5 adults said that a close friend or family member has questioned paternity. These statistics show that many people are looking for answers to their paternity questions as 51 percent of adults with paternity questions either plan to address them in 2012 or would like to but are unsure where to start.

“Knowledge is empowering. It’s important for children and families to know the truth about paternity, as it can impact a child’s health as well as their emotional health and well-being for years to come,” said Steven Smith, executive director of Identigene. Articles:

Paternity Rights

Let’s evaluate a scenario. You’ve become a proud father of a child. You’ve watched their first steps. You’ve taught them how to tie their shoes. Your child has become an extension of you.  Then, after an extended period of time, you find out that the child is not biologically yours.

The article “Mothers Wrongly Identifying Fathers In Child Support Agency Claims” indicates that almost one in five paternity claims handled by a child support agency show that the woman has deliberately or inadvertently misidentified the father.

It further states that just under 5,000 paternity claims have been shown by DNA tests to be false since paternity testing figures began to be collected in 1998-99.

Another article, “Why Is Paternity Fraud a Problem,” reveals there is a one-in-three chance in a paternity case that the woman is asking for child support from a man who is not the biological father.

Additional results from the Identigene survey show that 3 in 4 adults (77 percent) believe it’s important for a child to know his or her biological father. A handful of states offer a legal father who is not the biological father the option of contesting paternity with DNA evidence.

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