Penalties For Missing Your Parenting Time

divorce judgmentBy Janet Yu Johnston

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Many divorced dads are victims of their ex-wives violating parenting time provisions in child custody agreements. While many divorce articles on discuss enforcing parenting time, what about if you are the one who misses a scheduled visitation?

If it is deemed you are violating the parenting plan, what is a typical penalty? A fine? A loss of visitation rights?

The answer to this divorce question depends on how you are violating the parenting time schedule.

If you aren’t seeing your children as designated in the schedule, nothing will happen. The other party rarely files a motion to hold you in contempt for not seeing the kids when you are supposed to.

Your ex-wife may file a motion to modify child custody to establish the fact that you are not wanting to see the children when you are designated that time. If, however, you are keeping the children when it is mom’s time with them, then she may file a motion to hold you in contempt of the schedule.

If that is done, the court will likely give a hearing date first over the subject of your contempt. Then, unless you show that you haven’t been in contempt or haven’t willingly violated the court’s order, you may be reprimanded and ordered to comply with the order.

The courts rarely fine parents in family law courts.

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