DadsDivorce LIVE: Reforming Permanent Alimony Laws

In theory, the purpose of alimony should be rehabilitative in that it supports the lower-earning spouse for a length of time so they can gain the required skills and education to become financially independent.

Permanent alimony, however, can be crippling to the payor as they are required to support their ex-spouse for the rest of their life even though only one side is contributing to the arrangement.

South Carolina is one of the few remaining states that still allows permanent spousal support. But there is a strong push to reform those laws and several spousal maintenance bills are currently being considered. Wyman Oxner founded South Carolina Alimony Reform, a group that has grown to more than 200 members and is active in lobbying lawmakers to reform the state’s alimony laws. He recently joined DadsDivorce LIVE to discuss the issues that arise when courts award permanent alimony and what changes he thinks need to be made to South Carolina’s alimony statutes.

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One comment on “DadsDivorce LIVE: Reforming Permanent Alimony Laws

    What can I do to help support the sc alimony law reform in SC….I feel like there is something I can do to help because I know a lot of people who think the current law is wrong…I am not paying alimony and never have…but I feel like there is something I can do to help…please let me know.

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