Removing child support arrears from your credit report

divorce attorney Jill DuffyQuestion:

Due to confusion and a clerical error, I was recently told I owe $12,000 in back child support because my child support case was not properly closed.

This arrearage of child support is showing on my credit reports as bad debt. We have a letter from the child support office explaining what happened, but it still shows as bad debt.

How can I inform the creditors of the child support office’s mistake and get this bad debt removed?


There are two steps that you can take to help fix this problem.

First, you should contact the credit bureau and ask to put the letter from the child support office on your credit report. This will notify future creditors that you are disputing this debt and allow them to read the explanation for the debt.

Second, you should work with the child support office to get this debt removed. Some states allow arrearages to be waived by consent of the parties or an order from the court. Your local child support office should have more information regarding the procedures in your state.

Do not rely on this information as establishing an attorney-client relationship. Contact an attorney immediately for assistance.

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8 comments on “Removing child support arrears from your credit report

    I don’t owe no more child support or backpay but its still showd im late 19 payments. How can I deleted that info?

    Hi, I have paid my child support down from $2900 to $741 in New York, I offered Child Enforcement a pay for deletion letter, for the balance immediately if they would remove the negative line off of my credit report, the response was that they have no idea of the process. I am familiar with settle debt as a collector, would you be able to tell me if I need a Lawyer in the type of situation

    My child support is paid as well. It is causing 7 derogatory marks on my report. I wrote to ask them to delete the account and she said it is the law to leave child support reported paid or closed it is not relevant. So I am stuck? forever??

    i have been paying my back child support since 2003 and its all caught up, yet its still showing on my credit report as a derogatory collection…don’t feel it should be a collection if its being paid and is caught up….

    What can i do to get my back child support taken off my credit report. Or can i get it sealed. I pay weekly.

    2009 I have been paying back child support I’ve payed 23112,I owe 26000,2880 left but ,it’s showing 26000. On credit score,none of what is payed. Off

    My child support is payed regularly every month and a portion of my two monthly payments is payed to my “back child support”. My question is, Why they do not report my monthly payments and my payments to the “back child support” and to remind you my son is 16 yrs. old and they have been on my credit for over 11yrs…..How do I remove them.

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