Social Media’s Impact On Divorce

Chad Jerome discusses social media's impact on divorce.Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook give millions of people an easy way to keep in touch and reconnect with friends. But social media can cause a plethora of problems if you post the wrong thing while going through a divorce.

Cordell & Cordell Albany divorce attorney Chad Jerome recently appeared on FOX23 Albany to talk about some of the common mistakes people make on social media when going through a messy break-up. Jerome said you should never assume any of the content on your social media pages is private.

“The messages are private, but I see those come out all the time,” said Jerome, who added that he’s seen plenty of social media posts turn up as evidence in court. “Somebody gets upset with one of them and says, ‘Oh.’ They go tell the other spouse, ‘Hey, this is what she said to me or he said to me.’”

Jerome advised that it’s best to deactivate all social media accounts during a divorce. That’s the only true way to make sure your posts and photos are no longer visible to the public.

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