How Soon Can You Remarry After Divorce?


I got divorced a little over a month ago. How long do I have to wait before I can remarry?


I am not licensed to practice in your state and cannot provide you legal advice. However, I can give general tips regarding your situation based on the jurisdiction where I practice.

The answer to your question depends upon the laws in the state where your divorce was granted. Many states have statutory waiting periods that prevent a recently divorced person from remarrying within a certain number of days of the divorce being finalized.

Tulsa Divorce Attorney Colby C. Pearce
Tulsa Divorce Attorney Colby C. Pearce

For example, in Oklahoma where I am licensed to practice, a party to a divorce cannot remarry a person other than his or her spouse within six months of the date the divorce was entered. The purpose of this rule to provide a period of reconciliation for couples who have recently divorced.

If a person marries someone other than a former spouse within this six-month time frame, the marriage will be considered voidable and that person will have committed felony bigamy, which is punishable by 1-3 years in prison.

That said, it is important to know the laws of your state as many states do not require a waiting period to remarry. Accordingly, I recommend you speak with a licensed attorney in your state in order to discuss your rights and options.

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