Stopping Ex From Scheduling Activities During Parenting Time


I found out my ex has planned activities for our kids during about half of my upcoming parenting time.

I don’t want to disappoint my children by telling them they cannot do the stuff their mom signed them up for and they seem excited about.

But what can I do to ensure she stops scheduling activities for them on my parenting time?


Since I am only licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, I can only provide you with general divorce help for men to your divorce question.

Your court order should specify terms such as whether a parent has to get prior permission from the other to schedule activities, and whether the parent with the kids has to take the kids to all scheduled activities on their time.

If it does not specify, then you would likely need to go to court to ask for a modification of the order, and/or file a motion asking for relief in this instance because she is substantially interfering with your child custody time.

Because you don’t want to disappoint your kids by canceling the scheduled activities at the last minute – which shows that you are a parent who puts your kids’ interests first and that is always a good sign! –  then you may want to let them attend and go to the court to ask for a remedy going forward and also perhaps some make up parenting time for what you missed.

Please keep in mind that I am unable to provide you with specific advice on divorce. If you would like more advice on divorce concerning family law, contact a mens divorce attorney near you.

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