Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Reconciling During Divorce

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Every marriage and divorce is different. Sometimes, an act of infidelity can lead to a prompt and bitter breakup. Other times, couples just gradually drift apart and eventually realize they’re better off separated. Many couples waver back and forth when thinking about divorce and consider a number of different factors.


Can I Take My Child To A Therapist Without Input From My Ex?


Question: My daughter is going through a lot of problems and I think she needs therapy. Unfortunately, her mother is protesting and has threatened to get attorneys involved. Our daughter only sees a therapist when he is in my care as to not conflict with her mother’s parenting time. Is it legal to have her see a


5 Tips To Stay Healthy During Divorce


For whatever reason, there is still a stigma surrounding men’s mental health. Even though only about 2 out of 100 men seek outpatient help for depression, suicide rates for middle-aged men have been skyrocketing since 2008. When a man experiences a divorce, those health risks become even more pronounced.


How To Effectively Cope With Divorce Stress

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Stress is unavoidable during the divorce process. But how you handle that stress will play an enormous role in how quickly you’re able to move on with your new life. Dr. Kristen Lee Costa is the Lead Faculty for Behavioral Sciences at Northeastern University and author of “Reset: Make the


How To Talk To Kids About Mass Shootings

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The recent rash of shootings in San Bernardino, Colorado Springs and Paris is horrifying for everyone. Tragically, these kinds of stories have become common. These tragedies are difficult to grasp as adults. For children, they’re even more confusing and terrifying. As parents, it is difficult to know how to approach


Celebrity Splits Show Divorce Emotions Affect Everyone

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Divorce turns a person’s life upside down. When a marriage dissolves, there are child custody, financial, and property division issues to sort out. Then there is the emotional turmoil, which often catches men off-guard after a divorce. Women initiate divorce twice as often as men, which might suggest that they


7 Ways To Help Your Teenager Through Divorce

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We write a lot about what divorced dads can do to help their children through divorce. That’s certainly critical, but it seems many of the resources on the Internet are geared for parents with young children. Parents with teenage children often face even trickier challenges.