The 9 Most Helpful Divorce Articles For Men

divorce articlesBy Matt Allen


As baseball marks its roughly halfway point with this week’s hiatus for the All-Star Game, I thought it would be an opportune time to showcase our All-Star articles from the first half of 2011.

In addition to browsing our divorce forum and invaluable divorce resource center, many readers visit the site each day to read the latest divorce articles. posts new content every day to keep you up-to-date and informed of the changing landscape of family law.

In keeping with the baseball theme, below is a list of the nine most popular articles thus far in 2011. The lineup actually leads off with an article from 2010, but it had to be included as it is the most read article on


1. What Does Child Support Actually Cover?

2. Bizarre Child Custody Case Serves As Reminder Of Dangers Of Facebook

3. Divorce Tips For Men: What To Do With The House?

4. Summer Support: Do I Have To Pay Child Support During Summer Vacation, Too?

5. Financial Advice on Divorce: The Settlement Dilemma and Doing The Math

6. Myths About Children, Fathers And Divorce

7. Tips for Successful Trial Testimony and Cross-Examination

8. Morality Clause: Prohibiting Cohabitation and Overnight Guests

9. The Top 9 Major Money Mistakes Men Make In Divorce

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