Using A Guardian Ad Litem In A Custody Case

child custody Question:

My wife is trying to get full legal and physical custody of our kids and leave me only with supervised visitation. This is concerning because she is very abusive.

I don’t have money for a lawyer so how should I go about fighting this?


I am not licensed to practice law in your state. Therefore, I cannot inform you as to the specific laws of your state and can only provide you with general information regarding your situation.

In Virginia, where I practice, it would be advisable to ask the court to appoint a Guardian ad Litem (GAL), who is an attorney who represents the best interests of the children.

Virginia Beach divorce attorney Jonah Dickey
Virginia Beach divorce attorney Jonah Dickey

This attorney will investigate the situation and make recommendations to the court based on his or her independent investigation.

However, in my state the parties are required to pay for this service, unless the court determines that they are indigent and cannot afford to pay. Even if you cannot afford to hire an attorney to go to court with you, it would be a very good idea to sit down with an attorney licensed in your state to get some preliminary advice before going to court.

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One comment on “Using A Guardian Ad Litem In A Custody Case

    hi I’m in a position that I don’t know what to do any more he chested on me he doesn’t help me at all physical and mentaly. he said she he leave from our apartment hes going to be taking my baby away from me he doesn’t take care of her at all the only thing he does all day sleep play his xbox and smokes weed he doesn’t work, when he gets mad he yells at me insulting me and one time he shock me I have pictures of my neck bruse up and older daughter she affaird of him every time he gets mad cause he throws stuff around he yells at her to that we are afraid he will hurt us. where hes going to be going and taking my daughter they smoke weed. I don’t want to loose my daughter I really need help he cause he those people that will make everybody believe what he say I have other two kids my son from 7 and my middle girl 5 and my baby 1 the only one that it his its the baby. the time he shock I had my baby in the arm when he did it she was so afraid she wouldn’t stop crying for half a hour he took her away from my arms and lock the door for the room for me not to get her he doesn’t want me to have because of the child support. he doesn’t buy any for her I have to be figure out how to get the stuff for my kids I have sold most of my stuff to get them what they need if my mom she will be getting the stuff the need or I need. I keeps telling me he’s gonna have them deport me I wasnt born here my parents brought me here when I was 3 months. that he will win the custody cause he was born here and I wasn’t. I will like to know what could I do in this position I don’t have money at all I just need help fast please

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