Video: Getting Back On Your Feet After Divorce

Divorce can be quite a blow to withstand emotionally, especially for guys as research shows men often take breakups harder than women. 

Many guys go through long stretches where they just feel defeated, and these feelings can last long after the legal process ends. As difficult as it is, it’s important to keep in mind that this process is normal and those negative thoughts and emotions aren’t going to last forever.

Wellness coach Lisa Arends, author of “Lessons From the End of a Marriage: How I Found Happiness While Surviving Bigamy, Abandonment, and Deceit,” explains why it’s important to take a proper amount of time to heal following a divorce and gives tips for getting back on your feet.

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    My ex wife is leaving country on honeymoon and didn’t give me the choice to have our kids the whose times she’s away.we have 5050 custody. She’s making them stay at her parents when it would be her days we live in pa.

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