What Type Of Divorce Lawyer Is Best For Your Case?

McCourt divorceA feisty, “take no prisoners” divorce lawyer will walk all over Mr. Nice Guy in a courtroom, right?

According to DadsDivorce.com founder Joseph Cordell, it doesn’t matter if you have an attorney with the demeanor of a pit bull or not; it matters if you have a competent attorney who cares about your case.

Guys seem to think their attorney needs to adopt the “pit bull persona” in order to be successful in a divorce and child custody case, Cordell writes for HuffingtonPost.com.

But, as with many family law matters, “the need for a pit bull approach or a Mr. Nice Guy approach really depends on the facts in the case and the nature of the litigation,” according to Cordell.

To learn which situation calls for which type of attorney and the 5 questions guys must ask when choosing a divorce lawyer, continue reading “Hiring The Right Divorce Lawyer.”

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