Who Is Responsible For Health Insurance Coverage Post-Divorce?

divorce lawyer Daniel LambertQuestion:

My question is about health insurance coverage post-divorce.

I have employer insurance that I put my children on because my ex-wife refuses to use her employer’s health/dental insurance for the children.

Are both parents required to take insurance from their employers while the children are under 18? Which parent is responsible for providing health insurance coverage post-divorce?


It will be important to review the exact language of the final divorce judgment in order to provide you with appropriate counsel on this matter. I can only provide general divorce tips for men and recommend that you consult with a mens divorce attorney licensed in your state concerning your divorce case.

Pursuant to the divorce laws where I practice, the court may consider the availability and costs of insurance to each parent in determining which parent(s) is to provide health care coverage for the children.

It will be necessary for you to examine your divorce judgment to determine the responsibilities of each parent to carry health insurance. If the insurance options change for either party, it may be possible to request a modification of the order and/or adjust potential child support.

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Apart from the necessity of carrying health insurance, there can also be orders on payment of uncovered medical expenses. A review of your judgment would determine the fiscal responsibilities assigned by the court.

Having your judgment reviewed by an experienced divorce lawyer for men can provide you with a comprehensive analysis of each party’s responsibilities and address whether a modification or a reopening of the judgment would be appropriate.

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