My Wife Is Scheduling Activities During My Visitation What Can I Do

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My question is regarding Child Custody: My ex-wife signed our son up for baseball during our summer visitation. She signed him up for soccer in the spring. This continues to interfer with our visitation time, both on weekend visits and now summer visits.

My second wife and I have two other children who are also involved in activities. We believe the ex is purposely scheduling our son during our visitation time in order to interfer with our planned family activities. I am pleased with his involvement in sports, but there is no effort on her part to have him involved during her visitation time. She continues to interfer with our summer visitation / family time. What do I need to do?

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Thank you for your question. Please note that I am not licensed to practice law in Ohio, but I can give you general legal information that may assist you in dealing with this issue. For specific information regarding your options under Ohio law, please contact an Ohio attorney.

If your ex-wife is not cooperating with you to respect your scheduled parenting time, you are likely best served to file a motion with the Court to have your parenting time modified. This might include a change in the scheduling of your designated visitation schedule, or it could include a series of directive and provisions that you ask the Court to establish that sets forth some rules that each party needs to abide by when scheduling events for your child while the other parent is visiting with him.

It doesn’t seem like your wife is playing fair, and its preventing you from having all of the time you have a right to have with your child. Whether she is purposely trying to interfere with your family plans, or whether she is innocently scheduling events without giving consideration to how it will affect your parenting time, bringing the issue to the Court and establishing a set of guidelines will make the process go much more smoothly in the future.

The above narrative is based solely on information that you provided to Cordell & Cordell through its “Ask a Lawyer” program. Please note that I am not able to give you legal advice without having thoroughly reviewed your case, and therefore you should not rely on this information as an establishment of an attorney-client relationship. If you need detailed information or advice, or wish to take specific action in this matter, you need to contact an attorney immediately for assistance.

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