Paying Off Child Support Arrears For Adult Children

Noblesville Indiana Divorce LawyerQuestion:

I owe child support arrears for children that are now well into adulthood with their own families. It has been well over 10 years since my children reached the age of emancipation.

Has it been long enough to reach the statute of limitations or will I be obligated to pay the back child support no matter how old my children are? I provided them with money throughout the years, just not through the courts.


I am unable to give you legal advice on divorce. I can give general divorce help for men, though, my knowledge is based on Indiana child support laws where I am licensed to practice.

If your child support obligation has been reduced to judgment, then under my state’s child support laws, you would have an obligation to pay the judgment for the child support.

If your child support obligation has not been reduced to a judgment, then there would be an obligation on the opposing party to prove that the amount is owed and has not been paid and to seek a judgment compelling you to pay the child support arrearage.

You would have the opportunity to present evidence that you have provided support for the children as required by the order establishing your child support obligation.

Remember, I am unable to provide you with anything more than divorce tips for men, so please consult with a divorce lawyer in your jurisdiction.

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7 comments on “Paying Off Child Support Arrears For Adult Children

    I’m not married but my kids all grown up this time and I’m still paying child support, back child support for them

    Mr Harrison that is very sad you don’t support your kids when they be a little ones well I wish every state applied 100% INTEREST. FOR WHEREVER YOU OWN In back child support that be a wonderful. Then you be a 65 and still paying child support only to remained you …how responsible you are when your beautiful kids is just a baby’s ….as a divorce mother with one beautiful daughter in felling offended because I’m working 16 hours every day for provide food house clothing and private school to my daughter to give the best life to her now she is in college and I never get a child support from her father way because he is the same like you.not a responsible parent so remember you will finish paying in till you pay what you own I hope is a good amount so your ex wife has a wonderful vacations or new car ..I don’t have a sympathy for you!!!!. Or for other parents never responsibles like to be….to grown a heathy kids .amen

    Just to let you know that my husband owes arrears and it is not always the husband in the wrong….. there are 2 sides to a story and people are too quick to judge the fathers… my husband has a grown daughter, her mother was the one to go off and he was left to pay support which for a lot of the time the child stayed with relatives, he had trouble paying over the years and now he still owes arrears and the interest is the killer, it would have been paid a long time ago if not for the interest… fathers are not all the guilty ones… don’t judge everyone the same…even though the mother is a multi millionaire we struggle to try and pay this, but there is one consolation, the daughter comes to us for support, advice, love… not her mom

    I’m about to pay my child support off to the state of Tennessee…not to a dad or family…I lost my son a long time ago they took him….I’m together now praise GOD…but its took 10 to 11 years to get it paid I’ve made my bond over not paying my family all got together and their gonna help me pay it off before I go to court…can the judge still put me in jail for the length of time it took…thank you

    I live in ohio I am an adult I found out my Mom is receiving back child supoort from my dad. Shouldn’t that money go to us since we are grown?

    i’m a single mom and when i speak i believe that i speak for us all if you dont like it too dame bad…first of all am tired of the father getting beat up..not all father is bad now some is a shame before God…just dont give a dame…and when you see men like that ladies why lay with them and have unprotected sex…i have seen father who take care of there children give them everything they need and what they ask for…but as soon as that mother find out he cheated, or have some one else she goes off, but in the process he still take care of the kids…the mother decide to put him on child support because he done want her back…and what do she say i want everything he owe my child/children back and in all…judge agree with her and she laying up on welfare back them, now its TANF same thing and want work for shit but she the good parent…child support is for messing people who want to have control but dont know how to use it…like i stated l’m single mom and when it came to my child i took care of my child myself i ask the dad/father for money he didn’t want to do it he argue about it…and my words to him was dont worry we will be fine what you want do someone else will and am not the one to put the government in my business and i’m not gone beg you to take care of your child it’s your lost..i walk away continue with my job and took care of my child on my own i did it and yes it got hard…but one thing i didn’t do was put him on child support because it not worth it…at the end of the day we both lay there and conceived that child so why should the father be the only one paying child support….my point is the judge need to stop listening to some of these no good woman because they is lying and dont want to work and dont want to see that man with no one else…and hate to see that man happy and thinking he’s spending all his money on his new friend… if i could get the law to change when it come to child support…the first thing will be if the mother dont work she is not allow child support…second thing is if she on TANF they both need to pay the state back not just the father….

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