How Relocation Affects Child And College Support

relocation and child support

Question: My ex-wife and I signed a separation and property settlement agreement in Connecticut in 2002. We have both since moved, she to New York where she lives with our daughter and me to New York. There was an article in the agreement regarding educational expenses that stated that I


4 Beliefs that Can Turn Divorce into a Nightmare

Child in Swing

Divorce rituals change from culture to culture and over time. In some areas of Japan, couples write their separation wishes on paper and flush them down the toilet, along with the marriage. In the United States, changes in our belief systems have had a radical effect on the state of


Where To File For Divorce: 5 Questions To Ask

where to file divorce

By Jennifer M. Paine Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer There are two concepts that interplay when choosing where to file for divorce. The first is subject matter jurisdiction. Subject matter jurisdiction refers to the court’s reach/jurisdiction over the topic/subject of your case. In other words, you must file your case