Top 10 Dads Divorce Articles Of 2014

Dads Divorce articles has already gotten off to a big start in 2015 with the launch of a redesigned site. The entire team is excited to build off the growth we saw last year, which included more than 1.2 million visitors to the site and more than 5.5 million pageviews. The community


Can Custody Be Changed If My Girlfriend Moves In My House?

Omaha Nebraska Divorce Lawyer

Question: Even though our divorce decree does not include a morality clause prohibiting overnight guests I’m still worried about having my girlfriend move in. Does my girlfriend living with me pose a threat to a possible modification of custody or visitation rights even though there is not a provision prohibiting


DadsDivorce Live: Should You Have A Morality Clause?

morality clause divorce

A morality clause can be a useful tool to aid parents in upholding their morals and values even while the child is spending time with the other parent. This has led to an increase in morality clauses being included in Marital Separation Agreements. Watch Cordell & Cordell attorney Michelle Hughes