Top 10 DadsDivorce Articles Of 2015

2015 year in reviewIn 2015, DadsDivorce published 332 articles and videos devoted to helping divorced fathers. Every day throughout the year dads can expect to visit this site and find new resources, tips and advice from attorneys, divorce and financial professionals, parenting experts, other divorced fathers and more.

Here is a look back at the top-10 most read articles published on in 2015. 

5 Ways The Child Support System Fails Families

The child support system is supposed to ensure financial support for children. However, because of gender stereotypes and a system that is particularly harsh on low-income non-custodial parents, it often drives a wedge between families to the detriment of everyone involved.

This article outlines five ways in which the child system comes up short.

The Facebook Divorce: How To Announce Your Divorce On Social Media

In the digital age, many divorced couples struggle with finding an appropriate way to announce their divorce on social media.

This article offers tips for deciding whether or not to make the announcement on social media and how to do so tastefully.

How To Respond To Being Served Divorce Papers

Being served divorce papers can be an overwhelming experience, especially when the request for a divorce is a surprise.

When this happens, it is important to act quickly and decisively. This article explains what you need to do once you are served.

How To Calculate Alimony

Once a court determines a spouse is eligible for alimony, it typically looks to a number of different factors to determine an appropriate award.

This article details the various factors that are used to determine whether or not a spouse is eligible for alimony, how much the payment should be and how long the payments should be made for.

More States Considering Shared-Parenting Legislation

The shared-parenting movement made much progress in 2015 with a number of states passing measures that worked to grant equal parenting time to each parent.

This article reviews some of the laws that were passed and several others that were considered.

New Study Further Debunks Deadbeat Dad Myth

The image of the deadbeat father that willingly skips out on making child support is still prevalent in society, but more and more research is proving that the image is rooted in more myth than reality.

This article references a recent study regarding the non-financial support low-income non-custodial fathers make to their children’s upbringing, which suggests that even the majority of the poorest of fathers do their best to provide for their kids.

The Ongoing Problem Of Spousal Support

Because of ever-changing gender and marital roles, the spousal support system is constantly evolving. That constant flux makes it challenging for judges to determine its actual purpose.

This article examines the history of spousal support laws in the U.S., how the system has evolved and why it causes so many issues for family courts today.

Could Meaningful Child Support Reform Be On The Horizon?

Clearly, the modern child support system is in need of a major overhaul. Although truly fixing the system will take years, there could be reason for optimism.

This article explains how recent proposals, that would go into effect by 2017, would help establish a system that is more rehabilitative than punitive and would work to help low-income fathers find ways to make payments will remaining involved in their children’s lives.

My Ex-Wife Keeps Violating The Morality Clause

Morality clauses are supposed to prevent divorced parents from having overnight guests of the opposite sex in the presence of the children.

Cordell & Cordell divorce attorney Jonah Dickey gives advice on what to do if your ex keeps breaking the clause.

The Dos & Don’ts of Post-Divorce Dating

It is entirely possible to resume dating following a divorce. However, there are several factors to consider before jumping back into the game, especially if you have kids.

This article points out some important things to keep in mind as you venture back into the dating world post-divorce.

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