Can You Suspend A Divorce Filing?

serving divorce papers

Question: My wife recently served me with divorce papers, but after receiving them we ended up deciding that we can work through the details. She said she will have her attorney suspend the filing, but it has been a couple of weeks and I have not received any type of


Can A Court Void A Settlement Agreement?

divorce agreement

Question: Are there any circumstances where a court will set aside or void a settlement agreement? My wife and I agreed to an uncontested divorce, but now she is threatening to take me back to court for child support and alimony.


Should I Leave The Home?


Question: My wife and I are talking about getting a divorce and whether or not I should move out of the house. We have four children and both want what’s best for them, but I’m worried it will not look good if I leave. What is the best way to


Is She Entitled To Alimony?

capital gains child support

Question: My wife had an affair that eventually led to divorce. She does not work by choice but is fully capable of holding a job. Will I be required to pay her alimony since I was not at fault for causing our marriage to dissolve?