Will it look bad if I put the home in someone else’s name?

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My daughter’s mother recently found out about a condo and truck I recently purchased and put in someone else’s name. Is there any way she can prove that I own these items, such as through discovery? I am afraid that if she pulls my credit card statements she will see the repair items I purchased, and then if she gets invoices pulled from the companies I purchased the items from she can prove that they went to this new address. Is this possible? Is there any way to keep her from doing this?



It is always best to consult with an attorney in your state who is familiar with the laws of Florida. Cordell & Cordell has many attorneys licensed and located in Florida.

In most jurisdictions personal property is not factored into child support per se.  When I read your question though I wondered why you purchased major items and put them in someone else’s name.  Are you trying to hide assets?  That could be used against you in court; especially if you are alleging you are not working or working for a low income.  Those could be used to show the court that if you can afford these items you can afford more child support.

She could not obtain access to the information unless there was some action pending in the court.  If there is then she could possibly get this information through the discovery process and you would have to be able to explain why they are not in your name.


Lisa Hansen is a Senior Attorney in the Kansas City office of Cordell & Cordell, where she practices domestic relations exclusively. Ms. Hansen is licensed to practice in the state of Missouri. Ms. Hansen received her Bachelors in Social Work from University of Nevada, Reno, her Masters in Social Work from University of Kansas, and her Juris Doctor from University of Missouri, Kansas City.

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