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Divorces are a recurrent issue today. Both the spouses involved either in separation or divorce might find it excruciatingly painful to deal with the aftermath.

While women are much more expressive about their grief, men find themselves in a clearly precarious position. It becomes difficult for them to express their distress, as it would perceivably hurt their machismo.

Now, the legal hassles faced by men in terms of custody, spousal support, etc., often remain less discussed. Here is a lowdown on some of the effects of divorce on men.

Financial complications are probably one of the major factors that men have to consider after their divorce.

Emotions are not quantifiable like money. You might as well battle your emotions constantly at your workplace, living in a state of denial.

But denial is something that you cannot afford to maintain in the case of finances Unfair division of assets, child support, and divorce attorney fees are critical issues faced by the men post divorce.

In most cases, it’s the women who decide to walk out of marriages but men end up facing the brunt. It has often been seen that men who are financially well settled end up being in poverty in a bid to pay off legal fees. There are some cases where men even end up sponsoring their ex-wife’s mortgage and other loans.

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Recovering From Divorce

The pain of staying away from children and facing emotionally demanding child custody trials can magnify the emotional stress manifold.

It is a fact that mothers are considered to be better parents than fathers and as such they are somehow compelled to be distant from their children. The fact that children even need a father besides their mother is extenuated to a great extent in this case. Most of the child custody trials sway in the woman’s favor.

Emotional stress ensues owing to both financial losses suffered and estrangement.

It has already been mentioned above that men in general are not that “vocal” about the emotional pain suffered by them. They are much more conscious about conforming to the perceived machismo that denies them the right to cry or show any other sign of “weakness” whatsoever.

There is possibly no outlet or means of catharsis that can actually help their cause. Incidentally they end up living in denial, sadness, low self-esteem (for being unable to keep the relationship ticking), resentment, and may be angry at times as well. Now, in certain cases, this may lead to deteriorating health conditions as well.

This emotional condition can act as a major spoiler to the man’s professional progress as well. At times, the impact of bereavement might lead to job loss as well.

In fact, as per results of certain studies, it has been established that women cope better than men. Not only the divorce, but in fact, the initiation of the divorce itself proves to be traumatizing for men. The thought of separating from your loved one, the fear of future mud slinging can prove detrimental.

The man himself might go through a gamut of emotions at the same time including shock, victimization, insecurity, anger, and betrayal.


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