Three Ways A Man Can Recover From The Trauma Of Divorce

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Are you striving to make your post-divorce life easy? Are you struggling to recover from the shock of your divorce?

Well, you’re not alone; there are many who are going through the same odd situation. It’s difficult to recuperate from the sadness, pain, anger, feeling of uselessness, and emasculation.

It’s even more difficult for you if you have a child. The pain of being separated from the dearest part of your life is so traumatic especially when you see the whole world is looking down at you as an unsuccessful father and husband, though it’s just a feeling, not reality. Nobody has time to cultivate your life.

Divorce is no doubt one of the most tragic and devastating events of life. Men often find themselves in unforeseen emotional territory. They go through unfamiliar emotional states right after divorce.

Irrespective of what it is, one must understand that it’s a temporary phenomenon and you can surely come out of the situation in a few weeks. Here are some useful tips to help the newly divorced man recover from the trauma of a breakup.

1. Take your time.

Don’t rush; give yourself some time, as time is the best healer. When it comes to an emotional decision, take things slowly even if it is tempting enough. Make sure you’re not making any decision out of frustration or anger.

It would be better if you don’t date anybody for at least several months after your divorce is finalized. This will give you time to heal and not to remember the bitter memories with your ex-wife.

2. Engage yourself in some fun-filled activities.

Don’t think that dating is the only solution to balm your loneliness. There are many more activities to do depending on your personal interest. For example, you can work as a volunteer in your community; teach community children a subject that you have always preferred.

If you have custody of your child, then devote quality time in building your relationship. Spend quality time with your family and friends whom you trust. Go see movies. Take in a concert. Expand your interest in your hobbies.

Basically, you need to add some fun and happiness to your life. After all, you need to get back to normal life and enjoy all the very bests of life, as you deserve them.

3. Have patience.

Irrespective of your emotional strength, you need to understand that rough days will come. Divorce is an event that takes a toll on your heart; even the strongest men face a hard time dealing with this incident. But you must feel your feelings to the ultimate.

Don’t hide your feelings. You may cry, opt for counseling, or talk to a friend who will understand your feeling to have emotional relief. But you must release your emotions like anger in a healthy manner. You must be patient with everything around you.

These are just a few tips that may help you recover from the suffering of getting divorced.

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3 comments on “Three Ways A Man Can Recover From The Trauma Of Divorce

    My separation was Dec 2013. I cried for 3 straight days after begging her to reconsider.
    It’s now April 2016. I am just now starting to face the reality of a life by myself with 50% (shared) custody of my two awesome kids. I am still not “better” by any means. I have focused on caring for my kids, being involved in their school and daycare, and all the rigors of part-time parenting and career. I have had no desire for a relationship; at my age (46) I actually believe that it’s impossible to satisfy a woman and all of her complex and ever-changing wants and emotion needs. I am done trying to live with a female. It’s too difficult the whole time, and too painful when it ends. Absolutely not worth it. I’m in the “married once will never marry again” camp. Marriage was a harrowing, trying, and exhausting experience for me. I tried really hard to be a good father and husband and keep up with that oh-so-long and never-shortening ‘gotta do / gotta by / gotta visit’ list.

    Now, on days the kids are not with me, I come home, grab a cold beer, sit on the couch, turn on my favorite show and think “I’m not wifeless… I’m WIFE FREE!”

    I go to the mall for batteries and see the men with blank faces congregated outside of clothing stores while their women shop. They’re like the dogs you see tied up outside coffee shops… I just smile as a I walk on by. No more “retail therapy” on my credit cards!

    The longer I go wtihout sex, the less I miss it…

    Actually, I’m starting to think that relationships with women in general are *highly* over-rated, women are far too demanding these days, and they have an amazingly high opinion of themselves and feel entitled to everything and anything they demand.

    Have at ‘er boys! I’m DONE! 🙂

    trauma of divorce
    Thank you, for being so open about your experiences. I haven’t felt comfortable blogging about it myself but I love your words and I am excited as I travel through and am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I guarantee it. Also, here’s a book I found very helpful and you might find this useful: “Rising from the Fall” PLZ visite

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