My Wife Found Out I Hacked Her Facebook Account

divorce lawyer Daniel LambertQuestion:

After we filed for divorce, I accessed my wife’s email and Facebook passwords that were available on our shared computer.

I posed as her and posted on her Facebook that she cheated on me and left me and is only getting a divorce to get my money. She found out, changed her password, and now I can’t remove those posts.

I didn’t know this could potentially be a crime until later. Could I be in trouble if she were to pursue charges against me for what she is calling Facebook hacking?


While I am not licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction, I can provide you with general divorce help for men on your divorce laws question.

Divorce lawyers general recommend that upon filing for divorce, all account passwords should be changed to limit access and interference from the other spouse. It is further recommended that new email accounts be set up and that extreme attention be used when posting to social media sites.

Your interference with her Facebook account provides her with an opportunity to attack your character before the court, though I am unable to tell you if this violates any of the family law orders or procedures in your state.

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In addition to a divorce lawyer, you might need to consult with another attorney licensed in your state to discuss the potential criminal and/or civil claims that may be brought against you due to your actions on Facebook.

Please understand that my opinions are based upon the limited facts that you provided to me.

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One comment on “My Wife Found Out I Hacked Her Facebook Account

    I am not sure that you should be speculating about what you may have thought about doing with the passwords which were available to you on your shared computer. Inadvertent use of spouses accounts does occur and can result in some embarassment. When a machine can automatically log a person into a service – like Facebook. It it the responsibility of each person to maintain the privacy of their password. therefore if your spouse was no longer using a computer which she was aware had stored her password, it is her rtesponsibility to change the password to prevent accidental and unintentional use of her account.

    This is the internet. Anything posted out to the web can be used in a Family Court to destroy you… whether it is true or not. Truth is not a necessity in most Family Court situations. They act on allegations… even those which are NOT made aloud.

    Lastly, if you did intentionally use your spouses account for the purpose of discrediting her ARE YOU A COMPLETE IDIOT TO POST AN ADMISSION OF THAT ACT TO THE WEB?

    I suggest you might seek to find a way to delete this question from the site where it was posted…

    I don’t condone that type of behavior. It was done to me. It destroyed my business and my life. It caused further escalation and conspiracy to conceal the actions. All because my spouse installed WEBWATCHER from Awareness Technologies. I detected it… and no one helped because they saw me detect it and began making false reports to law enforcement about me. Law enforcement got ensnared because while not acting to investigate my reports, THEY WERE FURTHERING THE ACTIONS THEMSELVES TO PROTECT THE JUDGES IN THE CASE AND THE LOCAL POLICE WHO WERE DUPED EARLY ON. IT HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE.

    All documented…
    GOOGLE: Terroristic Divorce

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