Post-Divorce: A Time to Reinvent Yourself

reinvent yourself post-divorceIt’s done. Finally. Now, it’s time to rediscover who you are so you can get back out there and meet a woman completely opposite of the one you just left.

Take this opportunity to reinvent yourself. We often get trapped in a relationship and begin to take on our partner’s characteristics.

I mean, come on, you never would have bought an Affliction shirt on your own, nor would you have danced around the house to the new Maroon 5 album. That was her. Not you.

Divorce can stomp on your confidence. Let me tell you, there are millions of people in your shoes and millions of other ladies out there waiting to meet you. Be you, just a better version of yourself.

Update Your Threads

Though you may not be Mr. GQ, it couldn’t hurt for you to class up your style to stand out from the other guys. You want to look like you are trying but not too hard. Think Ryan Gosling sexy in “Crazy.Stupid.Love.” — even though you might be more Steve Carell. Confidence.

Buy things you might have been restricted to buy before because she didn’t like them. Want to wear a tee and jeans with, gasp, your Converse sneakers? She never would have allowed it. Do it. Get a crisp, black v-neck tee with a pair of dark, tailored jeans and rock your Chucks.

Take a Class

Think about what you’ve always wanted to do but never had a chance to. There are hobby groups, culture groups, sports leagues and volunteer programs galore in every major city, so take a look at the options and try one.

Whether it’s new to you or something you haven’t done since college. Take a painting workshop, brewmaster class, French class or cooking class. Join a music writing group, an improv group, a rock choir or a secret science club. Change your daily routine and go where there might be other singles.

The Approach

What do you do when a pretty lady crosses your path at the store? You instantly look down, stuff your hands in your pocket and walk the other way, right?

Not anymore. You walk confidently up to her and ask her which color Polo looks better on you. Ask her if she would choose dark or light jeans.

Ladies love to give advice to handsome gentlemen. This is the best way to strike up a conversation. Who knows where it will lead, but not only is it good practice but you’re getting some good fashion advice in the mean time. It’s a win-win.

The Holidays

Holidays are a time that might be the hardest to swallow. Twinkly lights and Christmas trees always seemed to make you argue less and love more. The chill in the air made you cuddle just a little more and the pile of Christmas cards reminded you what was important in life — family and friends.

Take this opportunity to announce to those family and friends you are no longer together with your ex by taking a photo of the stylin’ new you and put it on photo holiday card. Minted prints Christmas cards set to your specs and unique designs.

Get the word out so everyone is aware of the situation and doesn’t start asking during the family dinner, making it awkward for everyone. Hey, you may just find someone new to bring to the annual New Year’s Eve party this year…

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