Stopping Your Ex-Wife From Filing Frivolous Motions

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Question: My ex-wife keeps trying to get sole child custody by harassing me and filing frivolous motions with the court. Every few months she writes me a threatening letter and then files something with the court that is usually dismissed but still costs me attorney fees and time away from


How To Stop Your Ex-Wife From Harassing You

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Question: I need advice on divorce on how to stop my ex-wife from harassing me. For years she has caused problems by making threats against me, calling me names in front of our children, and generally harassing my family and I. I have filed complaints with the domestic relations court,


How to keep an ex-spouse from harassing you

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Question: My ex-wife and I do not get along at all. She is constantly harassing me, threatening me, texting me insulting messages, etc. I do not want to be bothered by her again and want all communication done through my attorney. How can I keep her from communicating with me?


Do stepparents have visitation and custody rights?

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Question: My current wife and I are getting a divorce and we each have children from previous marriages. We have agreed to allow each other to see the other’s children and it’s an amicable divorce. However, my ex-wife is trying to keep my current wife from seeing my children once


Laughing at Restraining Orders

Borrowing the title of a famous George Gershwin ditty, “they all laughed” when a Santa Fe, New Mexico family court judge granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) against TV talk show host David Letterman to protect a woman he had never met, never heard of, and lived 2,000 miles away