How Relocation Affects Child And College Support

relocation and child support

Question: My ex-wife and I signed a separation and property settlement agreement in Connecticut in 2002. We have both since moved, she to New York where she lives with our daughter and me to New York. There was an article in the agreement regarding educational expenses that stated that I


Enforcing Child Support Orders From Another State

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Question: I live in another state from where my divorce was finalized and was always under the impression that the state I currently live in has no jurisdiction over my child support case. However, I recently received paperwork from my state indicating they were enforcing my child support arrears and


Closing Case In One State, Opening In Another State

child support jurisdiction

Question: If a child support order that was established in the state we were divorced in was later vacated and the custodial parent now lives in another state, can the custodial parent file for child support in a new state of residence? Since vacating the original child support order makes


What is a Foreign Child Support Order?

By Emily Barry Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer When you have a child support order in place and you move to another state, you may receive a Foreign Child Support Order in the mail. So what is this and how does it affect you? Does this mean that your new