Video: Cordell & Cordell News – January 10, 2017

Dads Divorce sponsor Cordell & Cordell and sister site have teamed up to present a series of monthly recap videos to keep you informed on the latest news and top stories.

Cordell & Cordell recently announced it is opening four new offices in Knoxville and Chattanooga, Tenn.; Richmond, Va.; and Des Moines, Iowa. The new offices are part of the firm’s ongoing expansion in an effort to support men through the divorce process.

Dads Divorce published a list of New Year’s resolutions for divorced fathers to keep in mind during 2017. It is common to use the start of the year to come up with a list of new goals, and as a divorced dad you might find it helpful to think of different ways to improve the relationships you have with your children.

Men’s Divorce published a new article explaining how student loan debt is divided when spouses divorce. Student debt culpability is determined by whether your state is a community property or equitable division state.

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Cordell & Cordell Opens New Offices In Three States, Cordell & Cordell

New Year’s Resolutions For Divorced Dads, Dads Divorce

Student Loans Leave Financial Questions During Divorce, Men’s Divorce

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