Happy Father’s Day From Cordell & Cordell

This Sunday, families across the country will celebrate the sacrifices dads make for the good of their children.

At DadsDivorce.com, we try to recognize that commitment every day. In recent months we’ve written about the evolving role dads are playing in raising children, about how fathers are finally starting to be portrayed more positively in popular culture, and about the critical importance of having dads involved in their children’s lives. In many ways, it is considered cool to be a dad again.

Unfortunately, this day can be particularly challenging for divorced fathers. Maybe you’re a dad in the middle of a custody battle and you’re forced to spend what should be a joyous day apart from your kids. In cases like this, it might be helpful to rethink how you celebrate Father’s Day.

The attorneys of our sponsor Cordell & Cordell understand how much fathers matter and are dedicated to helping dads stay involved in their children’s lives after divorce.

Whatever position you find yourself in, you are a dad and you deserve recognition.

From everyone at Cordell & Cordell and Dads Divorce, Happy Father’s Day!

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    Carroll county in nh got it soooooo wrong! Very biased decision. Almost punitive. My representation was inadequate. Does cordell&cordell practice in nah or could they recommend someone?

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