4 Habits That Can Derail Your Divorce Recovery

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Divorce is in many ways similar to death. Like death, there are different stages of divorce a person must transition through before they can completely move on. The final stage, recovery, might be the most difficult. It’s natural for many men to want to cling to that failed relationship and


Do Men Take Breakups Harder Than Women?


Do men or women take breakups harder? New research suggests that women might experience more emotional turmoil after a split, but men have more difficulty recovering. Researchers from Binghamption University and University College London recently surveyed nearly 6,000 participants from 96 countries and asked them to rate the emotional and


Protecting Children From An Alcoholic Parent

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Question: I am engaged and we have a child together, but I am increasingly fearful for our children’s safety when with my fiancée, who is an alcoholic. She can become dangerous and should not be left unattended with the children when she is drinking. She even drunken drives with our


Parental Strife Harms Children’s Mental Health

A parent sees the physician, complaining of a child’s behaviour and possibly even somatic concerns. The child may present with any number of issues such as, school anxiety, inattention, depression, anxiety, social withdrawal, aggressive behaviour, non-compliance, substance abuse, headaches, and/or stomachaches. Attention is typically drawn directly to the child and