Divorce Dilemma: Why Divorce Is So Frightening


By Dad “X”  No matter how your marriage has been, even in troubled times, no one can ever be ready to hear their spouse say those four dreaded words: “I want a divorce!” Trust me, it’s worse than “Mom’s moving in!” But not by much. Whatever the situation, no matter


Is Collaborative Divorce Right For Me? 5 Pros and Cons

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By Jennifer M. Paine Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer While researching your divorce options, chances are you will come across the collaborative divorce model. As a model, it is relatively new, dating from the mid-1990s from the Midwest, when a group of family court attorneys and experts committed to collaborating


Paying Half Of Uninsured Medical Expenses

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Question: As with most parenting plans, we have joint decision making, but in the event we can’t agree, my ex has the final say with my only recourse being mediation. Well, despite that, my ex started our child on allergy shots without discussing treatment with me or involving me in