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DadsDivorce.comSeveral months ago, the team at asked for your feedback about what could be done to improve the structure of the site. We received numerous comments – some positive, some negative – and suggestions of ways to improve the user experience.

In the months since, we’ve been working diligently on an overhaul to make more visually appealing and, more importantly, functional. The new site features significant upgrades in content organization and features that make it convenient for readers to find accurate and relevant divorce information.

While the new site is a significant improvement, there are inevitably going to be a few glitches that make it into the live version. As you’re browsing, please let us know if you notice any problems or anything unusual by using the Contact form. We always appreciate your feedback and tips on how to improve.

Here is a rundown of some of the most significant changes we made. You can also view a video breakdown the most significant changes made to the site.

Improved content categorization and tagging.

The biggest problem with the old DadsDivorce site was that we had an enormous content library that was scattered in various places. Navigating the site was tasking at best.

The thousands of articles that have been posted on over the years are now grouped into seven main categories: Divorce Process, Custody, Child Support, Property Division, Spousal Support, Parenting, and Lifestyle.

The new site also features a revamped tagging system. At the bottom of each article you’ll find a list of tags that are related to the content in the article. By clicking the tags, you can easily browse other DadsDivorce articles related to that topic.

The previous site features vast amounts of content, but much of it was jumbled and browsing was difficult. This improved organization makes it easy for readers to seamlessly search through the thousands of articles on the site to quickly find information related to the topics that are relevant to them.

Cleaner and more functional page layout.

The front page of the old site featured a slider that rotated through the five most recently published articles. The look was sloppy and it was often difficult to click through to the article you were hoping to read.

The new site features a cleaner, more static look. On the front page, you will still have recently published content, but the slider is gone so users will have no trouble reaching the article they hope to read.

On each category page, you will find six of the most recently published articles in that category as well as three “editor’s picks” on the right-hand corner of the page.


In addition to all the articles posted on, the site also features a plethora of useful divorce resources that include divorce laws by state, child support calculators, attorney directories, divorce guides, and more.

These resources have been updated and revised so that they’re not only simpler to find and read, but also easier to utilize. Resources

More to come

Consider this the first phase of the site relaunch. We believe the current site is a major improvement to the old one, but we’re going to continue ironing out the kinks and adding features. The user experience is going to continue to improve in the coming weeks and months.

We’re incredibly excited about the changes that have already been implemented and we’re looking forward to hearing how you feel about the new design. With a cleaner look and greater usability, we’re confident the quality of the site’s content will also continue to improve.

Please let us know what you think. And again, if you notice any issues while browsing the site, please contact the editor by emailing

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