Why You Need A Divorce Attorney In An Amicable Divorce

divorce attorneyThere are plenty of marriages that end with an amicable divorce. A couple deciding they can’t remain married doesn’t mean they naturally hate each other.

Many divorced couples remain great friends after calling it quits on their marriage.

If you and your wife decide it’s time to divorce but are still on good terms, it can be tempting to go through the divorce process without the assistance of a divorce attorney. The divorce is uncontested, so it should be a quick and cheap process. You tell yourself there is no need to get lawyers involved.

This might work for some cases, but it’s rarely a good idea to skimp on divorce costs just to save money. Even if you feel you’re in agreement with your soon-to-be-ex, there are still reasons to consider hiring a divorce attorney.

Divorce is only part of the divorce process.

One of the reasons divorce so frequently turns messy is because divorce is really just a small part of the actual divorce process.

When a marriage ends there are often mortgages to refinance, credit card bills to negotiate, parenting time schedules to write, and spousal support and child support orders to prepare.

There are a lot of details involved that are easy to overlook and can be costly to correct if you make a mistake.

This is also something that can cause a rift in what was an otherwise smooth breakup.

If you have to return to court for a modification, you’ll have to determine whose fault it was that a mistake was made in the original order or decree. It’s very difficult to prove after the fact that a mistake was innocent if one party benefited.

An experienced divorce attorney can sort out all of these details and save you a lot of stress, and money, later on.

A divorce attorney understands different state statutes.

There are a number of divorce laws that differ depending on what state you live in.

The acceptable reasons for divorce vary by state and different states have different requirements for filing for divorce.

Some states are community property states, which means all marital assets are divided 50-50 while others have different rules for dividing property. There are numerous state-specific statutes regarding child custody, child support, alimony, division of property, and more.

Without a legal background, it can be challenging to figure out what the exact divorce laws in your state are. A knowledgeable divorce attorney will understand the statutes that are state-specific and make sure there is no confusion.

A divorce attorney can keep you focused.

Even amicable divorces bring a certain amount of stress, especially when trying to juggle all your other daily responsibilities. And if an argument between you and your spouse does erupt, it’s easy to let emotions get in the way and suddenly lose focus of what your goals are for your case.

A divorce attorney can help you keep a level head and remain practical in identifying what your divorce goals are. By helping you keep your eyes on the finish line, they can ensure that you come to an agreement as quickly as possible.

A divorce attorney will make sure you understand what you are agreeing to.

People who rush through the divorce process without the assistance of a lawyer often end up agreeing to something by mistake.

Through no fault of their own, people going through divorce are typically not very educated about the law. The divorce process is trick and many of the documents you’ll be asked to sign are complex and confusing.

It is a divorce attorney’s job to make sure you understand exactly what you’re agreeing to before you sign it. With their help, you can make sure your friendly divorce doesn’t turn nasty.

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5 comments on “Why You Need A Divorce Attorney In An Amicable Divorce

    I like that you talked about how people will often regret decisions that were made in a rush, especially in divorce. I have been going through a divorce and I wasn’t sure if I needed a lawyer or not. I can see how it would be helpful, because I want to be sure to get the best agreements I can. A lawyer would be able to keep me from just saying “yes” to everything.

    My good friend is separating from his wife, and he is considering divorce lawyers. Thanks for your comment about how an attorney could help you refinance mortgages and negotiate credit card bills. I didn’t know that you also have to think about not only child support but also support for your spouse.

    My sister recently went through a divorce and as mentioned, is never an easy time mentally or emotionally. One thing I think she could have benefited from is seeking help from a lawyer. I like that you mentioned a lawyer can help keep you focuses and understand the agreements being made even in divorces that aren’t “messy”. They are there to guide you to make a hard situation a little bit more manageable. If someone was going through a divorce, they could benefit from the help of a lawyer even for their great guidance though the situation.

    I really like what was said about how divorce attorneys can help you stay focused. This makes a lot of sense to me because sometimes partners who are divorcing get unfocused trying to win custody battles. I have a friend who is in the process of a divorce and I will pass this information on to him.

    You stated that when a marriage ends there are often mortgages to refinance, credit card bills to negotiate, parenting time schedules to write, and spousal support and child support orders to prepare. Are most of these things split between the two or does one person handle them? My friend and his wife have been having some really hard financial issues and have decided to get divorced. Hiring an attorney might be the best option for them.

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